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[Pusat Informasi Beasiswa] Pendaftaran Baru Beasiswa VDMS Tahun Akademik 2013

Pusat Informasi Beasiswa has posted a new item, 'Pendaftaran Baru Beasiswa VDMS
Tahun Akademik 2013'

Tahun ini, teknis pendaftaran beasiswa VDMS memberikan kemudahan untuk para
mahasiswa dengan mengembangkan sistempra-registrasionline.Beasiswa yang berasal
dari Belanda ini diperuntukan untuk mahasiswa yang duduk di tahun kedua atau
pada Semester III.Adapun langkah - langkah pra-registrasionlineyaitu mahasiswa
diindikasikan bahwa ingin mendaftar beasiswa VDMS, menggunakan tautan Setelah membaca persyaratan dan menyetujuinya, mahasiswa
akan menerima formulir pra-registrasi (formulir A) secara otomatis.Mahasiswa
mengisi formulir tersebut, dan jika setuju dengan mengirimkan dokumen - dokumen
yang diperlukan untuk dapat diterima (SKTM, bukti IPK, dll) maka dapat
mengirimkan formulir pre-registrasi tersebut.Batas waktu pengajuan beasiswa
untuk tahap pertama dari pra-registrasi adalah pada 26 Maret 2013.Pendaftaran
bisa dilakukan dengan mengunjungiwebsite
Through this you are given the opportunity to pre-register. You have to fulfill
certain requirements to be eligible for our scholarships. You have to:
Be talented, have an IPK of at least 3.00 in the last odd semester
Come from underprivileged (tidak mampu) family
Study a certain discipline. [?]

Come from an SMA in a certain region. [?]

Our scholarships are given from the 2nd year through the 4th year, maximal 3
years (i.e. S1). The scholarship is an additional one, not a full grant. We pay
an additional examination bonus and a TOEFL bonus if your score is more than
500. We give our grantees also the opportunity for extra training (leadership,
entrepreneurship etc)Pre-registration steps The pre-registration consists of two
steps: STEP ONE. Submit your basic data before 26th of March 2013. After that
day your pre-registration will not be accepted anymore. STEP TWO. When you are
selected by the university/academy as a potential candidate, you have to submit
before 30th of April additional data and documents:
Proofs of the underprivileged state of your parents or family : letter from
Lurah (SKTM), family card (KK), or the statement and recommendation from your
university or academy, that you are economically underprivileged, and as such
accepted in the first year.
Proof of your IPK (> 3,0) in the last odd semester of the current year

In STEP ONE of the pre-registration you have to declare that you are able to
deliver these proofs before the deadline given. If not, you cant be proposed to
VDMS.Follow up After you have passed STEP TWO and delivered all the required
documents, you will be proposed by the university/academy for a scholarship to
VDMS. If you are accepted, you will receive your grant at the end of the first
month of the new study year, which can be July, August or September. Your grant
will be paid directly to your bank account.You still want to pre-register? Apply
Now! At least before26th March.

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